Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week of May 29 to June 2

     This was the fourth week of Genius Hour and it went okay. Unfortunately, another petri dish became contaminated but I still have five or so plates that were growing fine and had no sign of contamination. I also used the dissecting scope and a scalpel to try and extract the mycelium which didn't work but has been the most successful attempt so far. I am able to see and move individual strands of mycelium (which are still very small even under a microscope); however, the mycelium kept clumping up and during into a wet, unusable mass. I placed the Petri dishes into the incubator for the weekend to dry the mycelium out so that hopefully when I try the next extraction I can avoid turning the mycelium into one big wet clump. Drying out the mycelium is my last hope for success because if it fails I will have run out of time, samples, and ideas on how to extract the mycelium. Despite the lack of success with my experiment so far I still have hope for my idea and have come up with other experiments involving mycelium that I might try in the future but for now, I am praying that drying the mycelium will work and looking forward to seeing the senior presentations.