Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of April 24 to April 28

     This week we worked on the neuron packet (domain 6) and the transpiration lab (5.7) for most of the week. I understood the neuron packet for the most part which will be beneficial since I did an AP practice test over break and saw several questions on neurons.
     For the transpiration lab, my group was testing to see how air pressure affects transpiration. The set up for our lab was difficult as we had to create a vacuum in one of our setups, and in the process of setting up one of the controls a pipette broke cutting me and forcing us to restart our setup for that specific control. Our data was also all over the place so it will be interesting to analyze it in the upcoming week.
     For homework, we watched two Paul Anderson videos (domain 7) about ecology which I understood and think will help me with the AP test and with the SAT subject test. With the AP test now only 11 days away I need to work on reviewing everything from the year and focusing in on what I don't understand well during the review week so that I will feel ready for the AP test.

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