Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heart Week

It was heart week this week and even though we didn't do much it has been my favorite week of the year by far. Overall be watched a Blood and Guts episode which I thought was very interesting learning about this history of hearts and heart stuff, and I wish I could but sadly I don't have $800 lying around. We also made our own heart diagram at home which didn't turn out the very best and was pretty confusing trying to figure out the anatomy of the heart without and background information.
Day one of Heart week wasn't overly exciting as my heart was pretty frozen and there weren't many arteries or veins attached to it so it became slightly boring after a while. Day two was much more exciting however as I pretty much got to do the dissection by myself since Kirk wasn't really feeling heart week all that much. Being inside the heart and being able to track the path of the blood was helpful for me and made everything come together as all the words that I wrote on my diagram suddenly made sense. I also enjoyed feeling the lungs and trachea of the demo heart, however, I did find the esophagus rather disgusting to touch but I was fine with everything else. The only thing I didn't like about heart week was that my heart didn't have any extra attachments but it was still my favorite bio week to date. 

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