Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of Feb. 27 to Mar. 3

Standards of the week: [4.3 and 4.4]

How did you do on your work?
This week we discoed the virus vodcast and spent the week doing the PCR lab and comparing our class data to other data sets around the world using chi-square. I feel that I did very well on the PCR lab, especially since I was the only one in my group to have a band show up after electrophoresis even if it was very faint. I had also had previous experience with parts of the PCR lab with my freshman year science fair experiment using electrophoresis to compare proteins in different types of meats.

What do you understand well?
I understand PCR pretty well after doing the lab. When reading about PCR and reading the prelab for it there were a few parts that I was confused one, but for the most part I understood it. After doing the lab the parts I was confused about were then cleared up as it did them.

Where do you think you can improve?
I think I can improve on using the chi-square. I am not in stats this year so I don't feel that confident with using the chi-square and comparing the results. With doing the PCR lab and comparing our data to other data with chi-square I should get enough practice with chi-square to feel more confident doing them.

What strategies can you use to improve?
As I said above just doing more chi-square problems can help me become more confident in using them, and in this lab we have to use them so I am getting the practice that I need with chi-square.

How does this work fit into the context/narrative of the course?
The work we did this fits in well with the context of the course. Before doing the PCR lab we learned about different biotechnologies and how they can be applied in real life, the Mystery of Jeff worksheet for example. We then used PCR, a very major biotech tool and are using the data to see how we compare to other groups of people around the world, a real life application. Also in order to understand how PCR works we had to have knowledge about the structure of DNA and the process of DNA replication.

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