Friday, March 31, 2017

Reflection for Week of Mar. 27 to Mar.31

Standards of the Week: [4.5, 4.6]

How did you do on your work:
This week we worked on the fruit fly inheritance, inheritance practice problems, and AP test multiple choice practice. I feel that I did well on the fruit fly lab and inheritance practice questions, as they were both similar in nature in terms of calculating and determining inheritance patterns. I also ended up getting lucky on the fly lab as the two genes of my choice ended up being simple autosomal dominant/recessive. With the multiple choice, I felt pretty good on it as all the questions covered evolution-related topics and that was my best unit this year and I felt that most of the questions were on the easier side.

What do you understand well:
I feel that I understand inheritance patterns well as this week was really on focused on that. Most inheritance patterns seem pretty straight forward, especially mendelian ones, and they were focused on in advanced biology so I have a pretty good base layer of knowledge going into this part of unit four.

Where do you think you can improve:
After doing the AP practice problems I realized just how much information is covered on the test and feel that I can improve upon some of my long-term knowledge retention I know for this unit and some of the other units in the past (mainly unit three) I am only memorizing certain portions of information for the test. This has worked for me so far through the year but will likely lead to problems during the actual AP test.

What strategies will you use to improve:
To improve upon my long-term content retention I will try to review what we have already learned in small increments to srefresh my mind on what we have learned. I will also try to learn the information and ask questions about anything that I am unsure about so that I can avoid simply memorizing information for a test and then forgetting it.

How does the current work fit into the context of the course:
This weeks work is an extension of last weeks work with more focus and practice with inheritance patterns. Inheritance patterns are related to genetics/DNA which is the basis of life, also inheritance patterns allow for variation among a population allowing for speciation/natural selection/evolution which is what unit one was focused on.

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