Monday, March 20, 2017

Cancer 3-2-1

Things that I learned:
1-The same cancer can be caused by several different sets of mutations.
2-Tumor suppressor genes were more common to be mutated from the two groups that I was in
3-That virotherapy is being used to treat liver cancer. I didn't know that virotherapy was a thing until this unit in bio and even after learning it was a thing I hadn't heard or read of any uses of it until doing this cancer activity.  

Things that surprised me:
1-The sets of mutations were very different within a single type of cancer. Some people only had two mutations while others with the same cancer had five or six mutations.
2-Certain genes were prevalent in several cancers such as JAK2 and especially TP53. I thought that each type of cancer would have its own set of mutated genes.

One Question that I have:
If several different cancers are caused mutations within the same chromosome and gene what causes one cancer to be different from another if the gene mutations are the same? Is it just where the cells are located in the body or something more complex?

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