Friday, August 26, 2016

Evolution Outdone by Mankind

Out of the newest set of articles, I saw the clearest link to biology class with this article (and I also couldn't find the full article about the Sports Science at the Olympics article) I chose to read about the bionic leaf. Personally, I found this article quite interesting since science and technology have come so far that we are able to effectively reproduce and better a biological process that has hundreds of millions of years to evolve and become as efficient as possible. This also seemed to be a semi-plausible solution to the air pollution problem as the bionic leaves clean the air of CO2 and create a clean fuel in the process. 

Overall I think this article was one of the most straight forward of the ones I have read, and it also the month studying photosynthesis and cellular respiration helped me understand some of the more complex biology behind the article which wasn't mentioned in great detail. I did have one big question after reading the article which is, what kind of microbes are they using to covery CO2 into alcohol? One last thought I had after reading the article is if the bionic leaf could somehow be altered to take in CO2 and emit oxygen back into the air as this could possibly help with all of the deforestation going on in the world.